Computer Technology Got You Down?

Imagine yourself sitting down to edit your own website, feeling safe, confident and excited to see how your new creative idea looks online. You respond to some friend requests on your Facebook page, and are so happy to see an old friend’s name that you haven’t spoken to for years, or click over to see how your Google+ circles are growing. You then download a great teleconference recording that you know will help your relationship with your teen improve. You save the recording to a folder on your well-organized computer and have no fears that you won’t be able to find it again. All of this is happening without any frustration, fears of doing it wrong, or feeling overwhelmed. Whenever you need to learn something new, you get excited and know that you will be able to do this, and ….

it will be FUN!

I can help you identify those things that you want to do with technology, and that will bring more fun, better business tools, a feeling of empowerment that you didn’t think was possible into your life. Up until now, you might feel intimidated, or frustrated when you try to do things with your computer or the internet. You have tried talking to various customer support people and often you are not sure what to ask for, and they speak to you in “geek talk”, which makes you feel that there must be something wrong with you because even children can do this stuff.

There is NOTHING wrong with you! Nobody can keep up with the millions of bits of new information flying at us every day. Let me help you identify what you really want to learn, and then teach it to you. People say: “Evelyn Fassett brings ease to right brain people who need to use left brain tools. She helps creative, artistic entrepreneurs who are ready for compassionate support for their computer and internet needs, without feeling overwhelmed by the choices and technical language involved.”

Are you someone who has many talents and you want to share your gifts with the world, but find using technical tools to bring more pain than pleasure? Let’s talk about it.
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We will see how I can support you to experience a shift in this area that will help your business, personal life, and self-confidence take off. I provide the safety and security for you to do this one step at a time.

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