How to post your blog on your Facebook page

1. To import your blog so it displays your recent posts on your Facebook page, your blog must support an RSS feed. Most of them do and the default address is usually
2. Go to your Facebook page – Personal Profile or Business Page work the same.
3. Open your Notes application (or type “Notes” into the search window at the top of the screen and then click on the application if you don’t see it easily on your page).
4. If you have any notes already there, you should see an item on the left of your page called “Subscribe”.
If you don’t have any notes, or don’t see the subscribe link, create a new test note with a title and a few words in the body. Click “Save to Drafts”
Then click on the Notes application on the left if you don’t see the word subscribe. It should appear.
5. Under the word Subscribe, click “edit import settings”.
6. Enter the adddress for your blog feed in the box provided, Click the permission box and “Start Importing”
If you have previous blog posts, they should appear as “notes”, and the new posts will appear on your wall.

Let me know if this worked for you!

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