Where do we go next?

Trudi Griffith photo

Trudi Griffith

We have people who want to know how we can continue this process. This is a lesson in pre-selling:
To go forward, we are offering a 3-month interim guided mentorship program called The Hero’s Leap. We can leap off into new heights by listing all of the classes we could teach and have people choose the ones they feel they would like to have next that seem to be the most important to them as the next step in the learning process. We can co-create them together.

This offer will be made to the general public next week. The recorded classes will be provided to the new students who sign up for the second group. Their price for the 3 months of classes will be $1997.
Because this group is made up of the beta group—the charter members, anyone who is ready to jump in, we’ll reduce the price to you for $997, an offer that will be available for the next 24 hours. We’ll include with the classes 2 sessions for private coaching, one from Evelyn and one from Trudi.

Here’s what will be included:

Evelyn Fassett photo

Evelyn Fassett

  • Facebook support forum
  • Class recordings
  • Handouts and documentation
  • Coaching session with Trudi
  • Coaching session with Evelyn
  • Featured classes based on your needs
  • Workshops, we’ll practice conducting a teleseminar, so you can experience using the technology to conduct your own!
  • How-to templates
Enroll here for the special Hero’s Leap 3 month training course with Trudi Griffith and Evelyn Fassett. This is the Beta class discounted rate of $997, only offered to the charter members that are already our students.