I provide a variety of services to suit your needs!

Technology and Business

I provide custom support coaching. I can work with your business ideas, help to find your inspiration, tease out the technology tools that can help to bring your creativity to the online world. I do this in a very supportive, compassionate way, discussing your ideas and then implementing the tools that are best suited to your needs. You get a very special result! You get supportive coaching AND end up with the technology you need implemented and you receive training so that you can use the tools.

I have technology tool packages designed to provide some of the basic setups that many of my clients have wanted.

1. Basic WordPress website: We can create a website based on your ideas, or I can have professional graphics done for your site to include branding/logo/look and feel.

2. Social Media sites: Facebook business pages, Twitter accounts, Youtube channel, Linkedin account.

3. You can always purchase some coaching/consulting time to provide any further customization of your website. This may include extra pages, a blog, a custom graphic header, a logo, etc. You can be totally creative and end up with a completely customized website that you can use. I can get the technical work done for you, or teach you how to do it. Connect with me and I’m sure we can accomplish what you are looking for.

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