We provide several Technical Support Coaching Packages designed to suit our client’s needs.
BRONZE PACKAGE (5 Hours) $349.00
SILVER PACKAGE (10 Hours) $649.00
GOLD PACKAGE (20 Hours) $1199.00

These various packages provide time for us to work on how technology has been getting in your way. We identify what has been really hindering you being able to use technology to serve you in your business and personal life. During this time we will work on implmenting some things that you might desire to learn about. This may include some of the following depending on your needs and the time required for your personal implementation and training; a Facebook personal profile, a Facebook business page, a simple Squeeze Page with an opt-in form so that you can build your mailing list, a mailing list management product, a newsletter template, a blog, a simple website, and others.
When we work with you, much more is involved than simply setting up some piece of technology that you want to use. We work with you in an inspiring way to really get a feel for your business and what goals you have for it. We love the personal connection that we develop with each of our clients and truly want to see you thrive and feel comfortable and excited about where you are going next.